Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fierce Designs Dames De La Class Fashion Hunt Item: Hello Dave

2001 Space Odyssey came out at a time when the cultural fears of  'invasion' spooked many. It was a wonderfully well done science fiction movie from 1968, famous to this day for many of its themes, striking set designs and story line. When I saw what was in the DDLC hunt hidden treasure, I had to smile.

Fierce Designs put together this futuristic costume called "Hello Dave." If you're not familiar with 2001 Space Odyssey, this is a line from the movie that gets creepy as the movie gets creepy. The outfit though is anything but creepy! It's got a sexy edge to it yet goes the extra mile for little details like a jet pack on the back, to make it almost a believable space suit. I guess my legs could handle a little chilled night air, "Isn't that right, Dave?" The hunt runs from now till September 30, so grab a friend, and head over to Fierce Designs to find this great new space girl gear.

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