Monday, August 27, 2012

Liv-Glam: Lara Slip Dress

I have to briefly share with you that this past weekend, my blog was nearly silent as a result of an exciting experience on the grid with the MVW Academy 'finals'. It's a three day process that pushes everyone to the edge of their ability and then some and what a wonderful chance it was to participate! The second day, I wore this outfit as part of my 'home work' and it showcases Liv-Glam's Lara Slip dress.

I had fun with this outfit from head to toe. The many texture options in the Lara Slip Dress sold for 295L gave me so many basic ideas. (You can also get this Lara Slip Dress for 150L if you choose to get the single texture and choose the color HUD only.) It looks polished with the perfect tucks at the waist to make it look like a simple elegant silk top tucked into a wool plaid skirt. Every single texture offered was amazing and had I chosen to go with a monochrome option, I could have used the color HUD only.

Many thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Chop Zuey (mixed pair of earrings and bracelet resized for a unique necklace)
Candy Nails (two different sets of nails)
Gizza (belt)
Black Lace (stockings)
Lassitude (boots)

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