Wednesday, August 8, 2012

::.HotStuff.:: and the Dare2Bare Hunt

If you're like me, your in world funds are always a little slimmer than you wish. Everyone could use a few more Linden... With hunts like the Dare2Bare hunt, you have the chance to work on a project, travel to different stores like Hot Stuff, and hunt. When you find the item, you get it free... FREE!

I remember last year's Dare2Bare hunt. Some of the items I discovered were a little risque but a lot of fun. This little two piece suit that reminds me of the Garden of Eden story will add to your fun if you're fortunate enough to find it in time.

Special thanks to:
Face Paint
Alexandar Vargas Jewelry Earrings
Little Ones Couture Bangles

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