Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sascha's New Release Seonaid HunterGreen and Award from CWS

Sascha's has presented the perfect late summer dress set. It comes with multiple options to wear, perfect for that back to school feel.

Face Paint, Truth Hair, Zuri's Jewels, Ten Boots, Carrie's Lingerie Stockings Sexy Mama Nails

Two different skirt options and three unique tops come in this package. You'll be flouncing or flirting with the knee length tartan plaid skirt or the super short mini. Both may be paired with a belt that's also been included. In late summer and early fall, some days might still be ultra hot and the green halter top provided suits perfectly for that. If you want to dress up a bit and still be cool, the black tank that's more than a tank with pretty ruffled sleeves will give you a more sleek look. And for those cool afternoons or evenings out with friends, you might choose the long sleeved black top. 

Also this afternoon, the finale for the Classics With Style competition for Sascha's 2013 model commenced. Before it got underway, however, CEO Anrol Antony made this announcement:  "I`d like to give recognition to by far, one of...if not THE most prestigious Designer  Artist  in SL. This is a  woman of so many gorgeous visions that she`s turned into some of the most exquisite art and shared them with each and everyone of us here in SL. Here at Classic W/ Style would like to give an award honoring this SL  Designer  icon who will undoubtedly be a legend of SL for as long as there is time... Ms. Sascha Frangilli."

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