Friday, August 10, 2012

An Investment: Time with Mr. Frolic

It's been a very quiet day on the web for me, but not at all quiet in my Second Life.

Last night, I had the pleasure of participating in the auction that closed the events for Hope for Emilia, and I bid on Mr. Frolic Mills. I was so excited when I won. His time is priceless.

I told him I was a 'baby' model, just learning, doing the best I knew and attempting to grow daily. I listened and absorbed his point of view, mesmerized. 

As a result of my visit with him, I was challenged to break out of the safe zone, and stretch. This ends up more challenging than I thought, but oh so educational. I also have an edited version of me with some of his magic touch on my shape and a new hair color based on his encouragement and instruction. I will share my 'home work' and my new look here tomorrow.

I cannot voice enough how grateful I was for his time and his influence in my endeavor to grow into the best person and model I can be.

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