Thursday, August 23, 2012

Such Sexiness at Liv-Glam and Only 55L!

Two fun and distinctly different styled mini skirt options are available this week at Liv-Glam.

The Jacqueline Mesh dress has that slim line that hugs the body from just above the breast to just below the hip and has been textured to have a ruffled waistline that goes really well with the soft leather suede boots that have a similar look. With unlimited colors in the HUD you can pair this dress with anything in your inventory, making it very versatile.

The Imogen Dress offers a great deal more sensuality in its cut. Though it encircles the throat, giving at first glance the semblance of sweet and innocent... a second peek shows just how luscious that back draping shows skin. Mmm. This dress also has endless colors. Both at 55L make it easy to get each of them, one for fun flirtation and one for oooh it's so good.

Many thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Thalia Boots
N-Core Shoes
Finesmith Jewelry

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