Friday, August 31, 2012

More Great Reasons to Join Carrie's VIP Group

Okay I'm slightly biased, but I love Carrie's Lingerie. It's classy and sexy and stylish and... I could enumerate for a while longer but instead I'll just show you two great looks I received this week free as a part of Carrie's VIP group. One comes from the Midnight Mania board up in the VIP area and the other is a September gift.

VIPs have access to an area in the store that runs all new releases first, and for a 25% discount. Additionally, there are weekly sales from products down in the main store, also reduced that week for 25% off the store price. There are monthly group gifts and sometimes more than one as Carrie tends to spoil her VIPs. As if that weren't all, a variety of her items are on a Midnight Mania board and others are tucked away in very reasonably priced Gacha machines. No matter how you look at it, you end up in great lingerie at a staggeringly fair price or free, and always well crafted.

Many thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Artistry by ~E~
Bax Boots
Candy Nails and Sexy Mama Nails

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