Monday, August 13, 2012

The Bohemian Underground Midweek Madness: 3 Specials!

This week at The Bohemian Underground, you will find not one but three special offers set aside for Midweek Madness.

This first gown, Blue Lady Blue, has a flouncy skirt with two underskirts as well so when you move, your gown really flows well. The top has 3/4 length sleeves with a special stola wrapped over your right shoulder.

This second gown, Iridescent Morning Ball Gown, seems to almost glow with a magical swatch of light and shadow and beauty. Colors are blended well between the pale pink and the deep indigo, and truly brighten the you and the company you keep when you're in this gown.

Finally, a shorter sweet mesh mini captures your attention. The brilliant pink truly pops! And you'll notice that the texture isn't a flat pattern, but a unique design that adds a flair to the dress.

Midweek Madness HQ

The Bohemian Underground

Special thanks to:
Face Paint
Calico Ingmann and Truth Hair
Jewelry by Jake
Juicy Shoes
Sexy Mama Nails

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