Friday, August 17, 2012

The Bag Lady at The Cart Sale

Now through 9.5.2012, you'll find a whole array of items from various designers on sale at 'The Cart Sale'. 

The Bag Lady @ The Cart Sale

On one side of the cart, you will find a selection of handbags, perfect accessories for your favorite casual outfits and one for all your beach combing needs. 

And on the other side of her cart, you'll find a selection of animated sets. I was thinking while I was gardening that these jeans would be hard to get clean but oh how therapeutic the gardening can be!

After working out in the garden, it's time to sit at the desk and pay... gulp... bills. Or... daydream. Bills can wait...

In late summer and early fall, it's so difficult to stay indoors, isn't it? This patio set comes with several options for arrangement. I found myself outside, and still daydreaming!

My thanks to:
Face Paint
Calico Ingmann Hair
blahBLAHblah Tee
Blacklace Jeans
N-Core Shoes
Gems & Kisses Jewelry

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