Wednesday, March 26, 2014

A Dark Angels - SAVIAD !Lybra and PosESioN, EMO-tions Jewelry and Hair

Every so often I realize I thought I knew something that I didn't really know, like song lyrics, and they made perfect sense to me until I finally read them or heard them one time, and they were so different than what I'd been singing. Sometimes for years!
My Special Thanks To Designers Who Made This Look Possible:
Featuring SAVIAD !Lybra Malificent
Featuring SAVIAD PosESioN Fiero Set
Featuring EMO-tions Ariel Silver and Black Jewelry
Featuring EMO-tions Annie
1. Liv-Glam: Sculpted Lashes
2. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
3. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Alabaster Skin Tone
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Glamour Cocoa
5. [S H O C K]: Starshine Glitter Nails

I feel like that at times when I'm getting dressed, on or off line. Something that I thought might look great together suddenly doesn't look quite right. I don't even know why at times; I just know that it doesn't work. I think with fashion, as with music, seeing it, hearing it, playing it, over and over, teaches a little at a time.
I always knew I liked the theatrical singer Meatloaf. I liked him but not sure I could have told you why. I probably heard his music played umpteen times while I was in middle and high school, and I probably sang along, with words that weren't actually words to the song, trundling along through my teen years.
My sweetheart, he's a music aficionado, and wouldn't dare repeat words unless he'd read the jacket, or the music lyrics online and knew them clearly and correctly. Needless to say I probably irked him a time or two, totally destroying his favorite songs. We were watching American Idol because it's a guilty pleasure and fills the air with sometimes decent music, commenting on the young shaggy singer who was still in the competition last time we watched on demand... a fella who reminded me of Meatloaf.

Now why did he remind me of this singer? I don't know. I barely knew anything about Meatloaf, while Mr. Man knew every lyric it turns out, of this song that lasts 8 and a half minutes. I'm fairly sure they would not let mr. shaggy singer have 8 1/2 minutes on Idol to test his chops on Meatloaf, but it certainly created a fun moment for us. "Why do you like Meatloaf. Do you know what he always had in his hand while he sang?" What difference does it make? This was not the right comment of course. ~laughing~

This song, Paradise By the Dashboard Light, ended up cracking me up as Mr. flipped on YouTube, because you can do that with a PS3, who knew? And we listened to every word while I had the lyrics up on my laptop, trying to please the man, and eventually laughing so hard with him, that we forgot Idol for a bit and just sat there enjoying the amusement.

It's a theatrical song with a story behind it, which makes it make more sense that the song itself is 8 1/2 minutes. Meatloaf and his girl are singing, and at some point, he wants sex, don't we all??!! and she wants to know if he loves her. He asks, "Can I sleep on it?" but she wants to know NOW.

"Will you love me forever

Let me sleep on it

Will you love me forever

I couldn't take it any longer Lord I was crazed And when the feeling came upon me Like a tidal wave I started swearing to my god And on my mother's grave That I would love you to the end of time I swore I would love you to the end of time

So now I'm praying for the end of time To hurry up and arrive 'Cause if I gotta spend another minute with you I don't think that I can really survive I'll never break my promise or forget my vow But God only knows what I can do right now I'm praying for the end of time"

I don't know how many other boys and girls somewhere in their teen years have been through such a conversation, about love, sex and all things important to people that age, but the last part of the song is what tickled me most. He commits, he even agrees that the vow is one he can never break.

I work daily on making sure I get this or that look 'right', and I realize there are times when I completely make things up as I go along, and other times I pour over every little detail and want to know it as clearly as I learned this song. I'm human. You are too, by the way. It's okay not to always get it exactly finitely RIGHT. Sometimes, I think it's just fine to get it the best we can, and get better later. Can I sleep on it?

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