Saturday, March 22, 2014

Tiger's Alley Found At SAVIAD Items from Silken Moon & Poet's Heart, Plus Demise of Flight, Hawker's House, and no. 7

I just shared an item from Malicia Python - Silken Moon yesterday but when I saw this new additional item for Tiger's Alley at SAVIAD, I knew I had to style with it. It's so truly me.
I found new boots from Hawker's House Clothing in my little box of goodies.
I accidentally discovered the umbrella from Poet's Heart as I did a quick search to see if I owned an umbrella for the photo in the rain. I did AND it was new and from SAVIAD also. How lucky is that?
no. 7 has many little treats out at this year's Skin Fair including these 'Kissing Lips' I layered over my Kyxe skin. Only... I thought all lips were for kissing! I didn't know. ~grins~
I wanted to shoot my photos on Image Essentials' sim because I used several new items from Demise of Flight, one of the terrific multipurpose stores that are on that sim. Jeans, the pair pose with a new found friend who came to help, BabyDarkAngle, and the other poses from a Gacha pose set all are created by the same designer.
I like to do a few blogs a month from Image Essentials because the owner - Kay Weston - puts so much of herself into the sim and has it open for anyone and doesn't ask for anything really in return for herself.

Most gracious thanks to each designer who made this style possible:
Featuring SAVIAD Silken Moon Call of the Wild Jacket Plus Makeup!
Featuring SAVIAD Poet's Heart Eternal Umbrella
Featuring Demise of Flight Pair Pose ::Struck::
-- special thanks to BabyDarkAngel for posing with me
Featuring Demise of Flight Gacha Pose Set
Featuring no. 7 Kissing Lipstick Raspberry Torte from Skin Fair
Featuring Demise of Flight Liana Jeans (rare Gacha)
Featuring Hawker's House Mesh Outback Boots Camo
1. Truth: Keeley
2. Nikita: Double Density Lashes
3. KMADD/Moda: Mesh Eyes
4. Kyxe Skins & Shapes: Pearl Skin Tone

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