Monday, August 6, 2012

A Personal Favorite: The Carina Set

Some of my closest friends know the passion I have for all things Russian, and others may have no idea. I adore History but I'm a fanatic about Russian History... so much so that when I was in college I studied Russian and the Cyrillic alphabet so I could read Russian texts in the original language. Like in so many classes for foreign languages, I had to use a Russian name for the class. My name was Karina. 

When I saw the notices posted for the new Carina set, beyond the jewelry being awesome, the name was awesome too. I knew immediately I wanted it in my collection.

Big jewelry currently reigns as the 'it' type of jewelry and this jewelry by Artistry by ~E~ does a fantastic job of blending the big look with my general aesthetic sense of delicate and elegant. Paired with a playful dress, the many colors shown in the earrings, necklace and bracelet pop!

Special Thanks to:
Face Paint
Sexy Mama Nails
R2 Shoes
[elikatira] Hair

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