Friday, August 3, 2012

Fierce Designs: Argghhh Am I a Pirate or the Booty??

One of my first loves online 14 years ago (yes before SL ever existed, gasp!) was the world of role-play. In that adventure of the imagination, almost anything could happen and if you believed it and wrote it well, you could also do almost anything...

This costume set for the Pirate's Wench, from Fierce Designs (also a men's outfit to match available) comes to you FREE if you happen to find the hidden goodie. And this saucy treat poked that memory of fun and crazy and wild role-play. The costume comes with so many pieces, you'll be amazed that you found this item for free! To wear a hat in SL takes some creativity, but this three cornered hat seemed to go well with my wild Nikita Fride hair. The pantaloons were perfect for the short version of the skirt or hidden nicely below the longer version. A belt at the waist holds everything necessary to find a lost pirate's treasure. Boots of dark suede leather help round out the look without having to shop all over town to find the right pieces to match. You even get a skull and bones necklace. I don't know if that will ward off the evil of the pirating world or make you one of them. Either way, it's certainly fun imagining all the places you will go and play while wearing this delicious ensemble.

Many thanks to:
Face Paint
Nikita Fride
Candy Nails

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