Friday, August 3, 2012

Weekend News from Snowpaws 8.3.2012

This week at Snowpaws saw the arrival of the new Alice dress in two styles. If you've not been by yet to choose one for you, now's a perfect time to do so.

There are many events in SL that raise money for various charities. Snowpaws continues to exemplify the charitable energy in support of both the Hope for Emilia Campaign (through August 9th) and the Pink Ribbon Fair that begins this weekend (August 4 - August 25). We encourage you to pay it forward in your own way by participating in these special events.

Snowpaws excitedly continues the Membership drive and eases its way closer to the mark of 10,000 group members. When you visit Snowpaws, you'll find a discount group member item and this week (8.3.2012) the Radieux Evening Gown in Twilight is that discounted item.

Other terrific sales in progress at Snowpaws this week include:

1. 60L Weekend - (a) Seraphin Under the Sea Dress

(b) Petite Toile Bluebell Dress 

An important note regarding Snowpaws Petites: This store has moved to a new location -

2. Simply the Best - Usine Opal Outfit

3. Designer Showcase - Trattino Ruby Sparkle Corset Gown

4. For today only (8.3.2012) The 100L Dress - Kaleidescope Mini Dress

If you let it, Snowpaws will make your weekend brighter and more beautiful. Besides these selections for sales, there are countless other ways to enjoy the bounty of Snowpaws. Drop by and bring a friend!

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