Friday, August 3, 2012

Liv-Glam Stuns With Another Vintage Dress

So many good things come from specialized events and the Vintage Fair that begins tomorrow will bring out some incredible different looks. We've already seen two from Liv-Glam and here is another dress that has multiple options for color and texture.

The option to wear the dress as a long tube dress leaves you looking sleek and sexy, ready to attack the night with the understated animal print. If you add the flexi flutter at both ankles, the glam factor goes through the roof. You'll inspire the oohs and ahhs and a few double takes as friends notice your dipping loose neckline and that naughty low back. Whatever your skin tone, hair tone and general sense of style, one of the patterns for this gown on the HUD will suit you to a tee.

Thanks to:
Face Paint
Amacci Hair
Candy Nails

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