Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Liv-Glam Prepares for Vintage Fair...

This weekend a Vintage Fair begins and Liv-Glam's designer continues to work diligently to create an array of styles suitable to the upcoming fair.

Classic jeans with a fluttery mesh top make this outfit easy going and suitable for almost anywhere you might be in your Second Life. Each layer of material in the top has been placed just right in a mosaic pattern that whispers stolen secrets as the wind brushes by you.

Texture in the tops repeats once more on the various colored jeans. The front pocket has a small swatch of the material peeking out and then as you spin round, the back pockets are patchwork-like and repeat the pattern, making the set.

Face Paint
Zuri's Jewels (earrings)
Shiloh (bangles)
Miroku (necklace)
Unknown (ballet slippers)


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