Thursday, August 2, 2012

{Witches&Rats} Supports Hope for Emilia

Don't you love the creativity of content creators in Second Life? Every day I discover new things, new designers, and new and fun points of view. Just the name of this store, Witches and Rats, made me laugh out loud. And the little treat they set aside for Hope for Emilia made me smile...

This jersey type top comes extra long with layers options so you can wear as a 'jacket' or an undershirt, depending on your needs. It's paired here with mesh pants but with a standard pair of jeans, the hem would drop slightly over the jeans. The extra little piece tucked in my lips is a 'mouthy' something Witches&Rats advertises in their shop explanation so you're likely to find all sorts of fun items to add as accessories to your every day look to make you not quite so every day.

Special Thanks to...
Face Paint
Sexy Mama

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