Thursday, August 2, 2012

Morea Designs Elena - Tres Elegante

Everything rich and sumptuous, everything divine and angelic, and oh so elegant, that's what Morea Designs offers timelessly.

Sensuality slides sleekly against your skin as you don Elena. Soft whisper of fabric drapes along one leg leaving the other exposed dramatically. Ruffle of silk circles the neck, holding the bits of cloth covering the bodice then nips in at the waist with only a swag of material to lay across the waist.

Perhaps a Grecian princess would lay back in a billow of pillows tossing the finest grapes to her mouth as she wore such awesomely draped layers of silk or she might kick up her heels and spend the night dancing till the sun rose and chased her to bed. You will feel like such a princess in this amazing design.

Thanks to:
Face Paint
Vanity Hair
Candy Nails
Jewelry by Jake

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