Thursday, August 2, 2012

Morea Style Anastasia - Joie de Vivre!

The flair and energy put into every Morea Style creation imbues life into art. It is as if the designer takes an idea and blows into like one might puff into a balloon, and when she's done, the artistic result simply pulses with it's own beat.

Playful merriment flutters at the hip like a jongleur's costume with a flair for the dramatic. At the waist, a belt snugs at the waist enhancing an hourglass figure that entrances. At the neckline that dips low to entice, a flutter of floral design catches the gaze of your star crossed lover and then again that floral decor might be repeated as a hair accessory. Paired with jewelry that came out earlier this year from Morea Designs, this little number will delight the senses and attract attention galore.

Thanks to:
Face Paint
Vanity Hair
R2 Shoes
Candy Nails

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