Sunday, August 5, 2012

Snowpaws Sexy New Release: Sadire

I truly, deeply love the privilege I have of working with Snowpaws. Each time I see a new creation added to the vast array of clever art, I'm in awe of this designer, her consistency in her work, week in and week out, and how amazing I feel when I get to try something new on that she's constructed.

When I first tried on this dress, I immediately wanted to 'show off' how deliciously naughty the upper body of the gown was contrasted with the far more formal lower part of the gown. With or without the flexi addition on the skirt, the gown flows from sensuality to sleek and sophisticated as the eye is drawn to details. Floral decor decorates the d├ęcolletage just so the curves appeal to the eye without being out and out exposed. Dare a little and drop by Snowpaws to add Sadire to your Snowpaws collection!

Special Thanks to:
Face Paint
LOQ Hair
Finesmith Jewelry
R2 Shoes

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