Monday, August 6, 2012

The Exclusivity Contract...

When I began working in the Fashion industry in SL, I was new to the whole world of modeling and all the different ways someone in SL might get involved. I didn't know much about any of it but I was passionate about it, with the zeal and gusto of someone who can't wait to open gifts on Christmas morning.

Early on, I found a mentor and amazing friend, a woman who'd created two different stores in SL, a woman who invested heart and life and energy into something she believed in and someone who cared, Eve Express. When she hired me to work for Face Paint as one of the 'Faces' of Face Paint, I knew she was taking a huge risk, hiring someone as new and green to the business as I was. 

In that period of new beginnings, I  offered her something that I knew could at some point be of value to her and her business when I proved my steadfast loyalty and my commitment to Face Paint and the overall business of fashion in SL. I offered to exclusively wear Face Paint make-up in everything I did in SL, everywhere I went, and however else I got involved in the fashion industry, I would continue to honor this. Of course, what interest could this have with relation to 'the new kid in town'? Not so much. It was up to me then to make it a viable way of saying thanks, and make it a valuable offer by keeping my word and making what I said would happen... happen.

I offered this exclusivity to one other person at the time, a jewelry designer, and a person I thought was respectable in the SL business and fashion community. Again, I knew that as I offered it, it could seem as meaningful as I meant it to be or as meaningless as empty words because these women did not know me much other than a few photos and a first impression.

Eve did take my offer and I've kept it. Every single photograph you see of me wearing every single designer on my blog and on the blogs I manage for others showcases the latest make-up from Face Paint. It meant so much to me when I offered my simple 'exclusivity' contract to Face Paint but I knew it would take time for it to mean something to her as well. I've done this now for 5 months and now we're in our 6th month together. Other models have joined the Face Paint team, models with huge amounts of experience, great skills and awesome beauty. I've learned so much from simply being there and absorbing. And as far as I'm concerned, until such a time as Eve should change her mind, I will continue to keep my promise of exclusivity.

I couldn't expect either the make-up creator or the jewelry designer to take my offer initially. None of us could be certain the offer had any value, but perhaps the test of time proves all things. Oddly, the jewelry designer took the offer to be a negative thing and actually banned me from her store. To this day, I do not understand her motives or how my offer of exclusivity brought about that reaction. Everyone makes their own way though in this Second Life and thankfully, each experience has great value and meaning to me, even that one. We can't always predict what people will say, or how they will honor their word or what they will do with information we share.

I've been so blessed to work with Eve Express and Face Paint, with Carrie Snowpaw and Snowpaws, with Morea DeCosta and Morea Designs, with Sascha Frangilli and Sascha's, with SamanthaSJones and Liv-Glam, with Charltina Christensen and Charltina's, with Naku Nishi and Kabuki Creations, with VioletCrush Bravin and UEMA, with Lyric Derryth and blah.BLAH.blah, and with Sally Soleil and Fierce Designs. Each of these people have made an indelible impression on me and my life in this pursuit of modeling and fashion. They gave me a chance to work when no one knew me, before an exclusivity contract could possibly mean anything, and continue to this day to mentor and guide and help and encourage.

Thank you... thank you... thank you... you each mean so very much.


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