Sunday, December 16, 2012

Deeleys, .Anatomy., Badazzle and Cute Poison at the EOTW

Several businesses collaborated together to create this fantastic themed idea of the End of the World based on all the hype about the world ending on December 21. Tongue in cheek, some of the designs then are as cute as a kitten and silly, but we all need to have a little fun, and as the sign below from Deeley's says, "Give Peas a Chance."

I think I'm the most stylishly prepared gal for the world's end, but if you gotta go, go out in style, right? My gas mask from .Anatomy. actually comes in several color options, so I could be incredibly en vogue and wear the right color match any old day I might need a gas mask.

I'm fairly sure the necklace from Cute Poison holds magical powers and I'll be able to ward off the evil lurking around every corner with this necklace, and like the gas mask, I found it also came in several colors so I could be magical and stylin!

And if those stompin boots don't help me in some fashion, at least they're fashionable, right? The whole outfit has been pulled together by Badazzle and with this design, I'm ready for whatever 21 December throws my way.

EOTW Featured Deeley's Sign Give Peas a Chance 
EOTW Featured .ANATOMY. Gas Mask 
EOTW Featured Badazzle End of the World Outfit 
EOTW Featured Cute Poison Deathstone Necklace 
1. Custom Shape 
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis 
3. Poetic Eyes: Oriental Pearl 
4. Emotions: Anna 
5. Natural Beauty Lashes
6. [LAP] Bashful

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