Monday, December 17, 2012

End's Way ~ Starring Jewelie and Her Special Friend Cutter

Have you met Jewelie? If you haven't, you're missing a treat. Jewelie is the Artistry by ~E~ Store mascot. Over time, many have asked to see more of Jewelie, and now there is more, and she has her own store. Not only that, she has a new boyfriend Cutter and they have many adventures to share.

From the artist behind these amazing gemstone collectors items, "You will find that the Jewelies for sale are quite tiny. This is because they are not meant as toys or to be "played with", but as collectibles. The Bears are transferable for gift giving."

The store opened in time for the Holidays, and since they're transferable, you'll be able to get one for a friend and one for you too!

After you've been to visit Jewelie and Cutter, I know you will want to get one of each. There is such personality poured into these gemstone treasures. If you have something special in mind that you cannot find in the store, IM Jewelie's story teller and creator Endra Graves and let her know. She will work with you, but asks that you understand the time between Halloween and St. Patrick's day are extremely busy in her line of work and custom orders are all but impossible, yet she also says it never hurts to ask. When she does accept custom orders, she needs at least two weeks to prepare your order, and sometimes longer. 

Since there was a push to open End's Way prior to Christmas, it may appear that the options are limited. There are more on their way to join the ones already released, so join the group and keep an eye out for updates about new releases.

You will find End's Way by going here: Teleport to End's Way and teleporting to the store. There are other teleporters to other stores which you're also welcome and encouraged to visit when you can. If you love collectibles as much as I do, this store might become your favorite hang out spot! Jewelie and Cutter want to come home with YOU!

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