Saturday, December 1, 2012

Liv-Glam New Releases

Liv-Glam continues to surprise all of us with the array of items created and sold. This week, there were new boots, dresses, pants suits and even some lingerie!

The Trussardi Knit Dress, seen in the photo above on the left, certainly looks appealingly warm. It's texture has been expertly created to look exactly like the real deal. Sometimes I'm amazed at how well this Second Life mirrors our world. Several prints in a HUD make the dress even more diverse. The Santoni Chemise  Lingerie, also shown in the photo above on the right, marks another first for Liv-Glam. If you've appreciated the diversity of Liv-Glam, you will even more so now. And for this first sexy bit of satin frill to tease your special someone, you get a spaghetti strap shoulder, but oops one shoulder's already moved! ~wolf whistle~

This pair of boots, shown above in black with gold buckles, came to Liv-Glam as a Limited release. Zoffany Boots are available in the Fall 2012 pantone colors, but you must get yours before all 50 pair are sold. They've also been released in the Winter 2012 pantone colors. (Additionally, Liv-Glam chose to release the recent Palladium Stud boots seen in an earlier blog post in the Fall 2012 colors as a limited 50 only release.)

After this summer's romper, which I loved, I've been ever hopeful that there would be a jumpsuit released and my wish came true. It must have been my shooting star. Several patterns come with the Trudi Winter jumpsuit, all perfect for the season. The pattern boldly paints the bodice, then a long swathe of black fabric traces from just under the rib cage to a few inches above the ankle, then the pattern repeats itself at the ankle.

Featured Liv-Glam Trussardi Knit Dress
1. Custom Shape
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
4. Emotions: Peace on Earth Hunt Gift Heaven Black
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Starlia
6. Face Paint: Midas Touch Silver 2
7. Emotions: Nora Earrings
8. Gems & Kisses: Bracelet and Ring
9. Sexy Mama Valentine Sculpted Nails
10. [Stella] Envy Boots
11. AP Annie Dracula 3

 Featured Liv-Glam Santoni Chemise Lingerie
1. Custom Shape
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
4. Emotions: Trish - Black and Snow
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Fantasia
6. Face Paint: Midas Touch Bronze 2
7. Candy Nails: Resort Sunset
8. Stella: Kira Heels
9. Ethnik Bangles
10. AP AM 11

Featured Liv-Glam/Stella Zoffany Boots
Featured Two Sisters Winter Princess White Diamond Set 
Featured regina dei ghiacci black
Featured Emotions: Sheila Black (coming soon) 
1. Custom Shape 
2. Glam Affair Skin 
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver 
4. WoW Diva Lashes 
5. Face Paint: Silver and Gold 
6. Sexy Mama Valentine Sculpted Nails 
7. Focus Poses Boho Set

Featured Liv-Glam Jumpsuit Trudi
Featured Emotions Nelli (new group gift)
1. Custom Shape
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
3. Poetic Eyes: Hot Mocca
4. Liv-Glam Sculpted Lashes
5. Noya: Golden Sculpted Manicure
6. Liv-Glam: Clement Pump
7. Chop Zuey: New York Girl Hudson Lovers
8. Zuri's: Ava Elite Set
9. Focus Poses Boho 3
10. Crie Style: Kabuki Glasses

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