Thursday, December 6, 2012

Panda Punx, OMG Inc!, HollyWeird, and [Yulicie] at Winter Fair

Dark spins appear on most topics, sometimes for fun, sometimes to scare us, and for me, they appear unexpectedly. 

In my Second Life, prior to learning the world of fashion and modeling, I did many other jobs over the 8 years I've been here, and regardless my job or duties, I always had a gentle waiflike air to my existence. So when I happen to find something with a dark edge to it, it shows a side of me that comes rarely.

Panda Punx provided this skin, Gabrielle Pink, and I used it as a base to the outfit. It's the light and tender side of me about to be covered by things less often known.

OMG Inc! created this mesh jacket and bodysuit combination. The body suit has cutouts and a style that reminds me of the multiple holes you'd have to cut to make a paper snowflake, except this material is all black. One leg encompasses a pattern that's delicate and feminine while the other retains the land of shadows and darkness all the way down to the boots.

Hollyweird has named themselves aptly because everything I've seen from their store has been -- well -- weird. I have on a lip piercing from them. Additionally, across the bridge of my nose are tiny barbells that also show another piercing. They're difficult to see so I blew up one part of the picture in hopes of making it easier for you to do so.

A pair of combat boots was part of my uniform when I joined the Navy. They were not all that comfortable. In the Navy, they call them boondockers for a reason I haven't the slightest. When military boots became stylish like the ones seen here from [Yulicie], I had to chuckle. The good thing is, the ones that are designed for every day civilian use, they're 100 times more comfortable than the ones I had to wear to work. Go figure!

Featured Panda Punx Gabrielle Pink Winter Fair 
Featured OMG Inc! Asym Jacket and Outfit Winter Fair 
Featured HollyWeird Face Piercing 
Winter Fair Featured [Yulicie] Military Boots Black Winter Fair
1. Custom Shape 
2. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver 
3. Emotions: Twilight 
4. Miamai Catwalk Lashes: Pink Explosion 
5. [SHOCK] Frosty Penguin Nails (Winter Fair) 
6. WetCat Winter Warmth 4

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