Monday, December 17, 2012

Poems in the Mists, Houses and Furniture and Elegance by Elysa at Midweek Madness

I didn't pull any outfits from the Midweek Madness program this week because the one that caught my eye has already been blogged for Dot-Be Fashion several weeks ago, Elena Yellow. If you want to see what it looks like, I encourage you to scroll back through my archives. It's definitely a deal on Midweek Madness.

The first item comes from Poems in the Mist that makes items perfect for Gorean role-play. I happened to have a gown by Arwen that was designed for this role-play so I threw it on and sat down for a chilly evening meal at my new picnic table. This item runs on sale this week for Midweek Madness and you can find it here: Poems in the Mist SLURL

The Elves by Houses and Furniture found here: Houses and Furniture SLURL reminded me that there really are not many days now till Christmas arrives. This time next week, we'll be hopeful that elves are on our roof tops helping the biggest elf of all pass out toys to all of us who've been good this year. I 'tried' to be good. Does that count?

Snow globes have the magical ability to bring a special world to you. No matter where you live, in the desert or in the middle of the rain forest, with a snow globe in your hand, you can imagine for just a few minutes that you've been magically transported to a new land. Both the snow globe and the elves have sounds and other scripts added for extra fun. You can find the snow globe here: Elegance by Elysa SLURL

Visit the Midweek Madness Kiosk for more information about this weekly sales event or contact MidweekMadness Resident in Second Life.Th

1. R.icielli Shape 
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis 
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver 
4. Emotions: Ellendir 
5. Liv-Glam Lashes 
6. Face Paint: True Custom 
7. Arwen's Closet Starter Gown

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