Monday, December 24, 2012

Montagne Noir, Very Sweet Friends and Reindeer Too

This year brought me the most joy of any year I've been online. I explored the fashion world of Second Life and in the process, met some of the most creative, innovative and interesting people I could be blessed to know. One of those people creates beautiful art for the face, and I cherish every step I've taken in this journey that included her. Another of these people creates jewelry that's classy, beautiful, and unique. She invests her heart in her jewelry and now also has a new business with her collectible friends Jewelie and Cutter. I'm so fortunate to model for her and to learn from her. This emerald set seen in the photo, The Margrethe Set in Christmas Emerald, shows just how skilled she is. Every time I've worn her jewelry, I've been in awe of what she can do with tiny prims and beautiful textures. The more I know her and her process related to work and making this jewelry, the more I admire it. If I had one New Year's wish, it would be that newcomers to Second Life find her store, and become patrons, long time members of Second Life visit and see the quality of work she makes, and collectors visit Ends Way. 

The thing is, as I've explored this world, I've had friends who asked questions, took some interest in my explorations and supported me as friends would do, who have never been in the fashion industry. This holiday, I received treats and treasures that brought so many smiles. Smiles. It's an intangible valuable. One of the sweetest girls I know sent me a beautiful gown, and then apologized to me that it might not be 'fancy' enough for the work I do. I shushed her and said that it could be ANYTHING and I'd love it because she took the time to pick something. What a treat. And because of her, I was introduced to Montagne Noir. This gown offers three dimensional prims and pieces that make it come alive. It's a glorious holiday red, and has options that allow me to wear it without the extra holiday pieces so that long after December has passed, I still have a fine gown to use for formal events. That's a clever way for them to market the dress. 

I've worked with Infinity Insanity Moments somewhat by accident at first, because I wanted to know what [I][I][M] meant and what they sold. When I discovered it was short for a name that included insanity, I knew it was a store I'd enjoy, and each time I've blogged an item of theirs, true to form, I've enjoyed. That includes this reindeer and sleigh set. This time of year, on a snow sim where my land is, flying sleighs and reindeers come in handy. Trust me!

Featured Montagne Noir - Decembre 
Featured Artistry by ~E~ The Margrethe Set Christmas Emerald
Featured Infinity Insanity Moments Christmas Sleigh 
1. Custom Shape 
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis 
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver 
4. EMO-tions: Starline v2 
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Starlia 
6. Face Paint: Holly 
7. Quintessencia Nails: Nail Gift WF Model Square 1
8. Adorkable Pose

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