Monday, December 3, 2012

Midweek Madness and Cerri's Booty, Houses and Furniture and Elegance by Elysa + Baboom! 60L

This week I put together a composite of photos because all of the pieces felt like they were intrinsically designed to go together like a giant puzzle.

From the outside looking in, you can see the offering for Midweek Madness from Houses & Furniture called Cabin Winter. It's got snow on the roof with some icicles, as well as some holiday lights in an unusual color of lilac and white. The color matches the curtain hanging on the front door of the cabin.

As you step through the door, you more clearly see the room on the first floor of the cabin has been decorated for holiday festivities and it's worn out the poor lady who did all the decorating. She's curled up asleep by the Christmas tree. Elegance by Elysa created this Christmas Living Room set and have it on sale this week as part of Midweek Madness. It comes with a sofa and chair that have multiple options for animation. There's a tree, a rug and a draped table as well.

After a nap, that lady looks refreshed and ready for an evening with friends, wearing Cerri's Booties Christmas Wedge Boots, also a part of Midweek Madness. The boots have all the traditional holiday colors, making them easy to pair with almost any of your favorite holiday outfits.

And speaking of outfits, Baboom! released this Sonder Edition Mesh for 60L this weekend, Playing With Snowmen. The applique on the front of the long sweater dress made me think of all those holiday cookies and treats I've baked over the years. The scarf and knit cap make this pretty outfit perfect for indoor or outdoor fun.

Please visit the following locations to purchase the three Midweek Madness items or the 60L Weekends item:

Cerri's Booty
Houses & Furniture
Midweek Madness Kiosk

Featured Baboom Sonder Edition Mesh Playing with Snowmen
Featured Houses & Furniture Cabin Winter Midweek Madness Featured Cerri's Booty Christmas Wedge Boots 
Featured Elegance by Elysa Christmas Living Room 
1. Custom Shape 
2. Liv-Glam Amelia Bronze 4 Skin 
3. Poetic Eyes: Hot Mocca 
4. Emotions: Silja 
5. Liv-Glam Sculpted Lashes 
6. Face Paint: Lanie 
7. Sexy Mama Valentine Sculpted Nails 
8. AP Nani Shoes, AP Shoes Too, Adorkable Poses Basic 3

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