Saturday, December 8, 2012

Great News and Fun at Snowpaws

Are you enjoying the holiday season with special loved ones and friends? We at Snowpaws hope you are, and that all your grown up Christmas wishes come true!

Snowpaws was nominated for an avi's choice award this year and if you have not yet voted, I encourage you to do so. Avi Choice Awards Vote Here and look for the "Vote Fashion Category", Favorite Women's Apparel and Snowpaws is easy to find, second on the list.

Hunts are fun all year round but the hunts currently running at Snowpaws are include two of the largest and longest running hunts in Second Life and a hunt brand new to the holiday season and Second Life.

Even if you've already hunted through the entire list for the Womenstuff hunt in November, it's time to go back through that list to places like Snowpaws because the Hunt encourages designers to switch hidden gifts for December and Snowpaws has something new hidden.

Even if your holiday month feels jam packed with things to do and lists to make and people to visit, you're going to need "YOU" time, and what better way to enjoy you time than visiting Snowpaws and searching for this 5th annual Peace on Earth Hunt prize.

I truly admire the ladies and gentlemen I am blessed to work with in Second Life, each for unique reasons. In Carrie Snowpaws case, I really adore how wonderfully supportive she is of endeavors all over the grid, to raise money, to try new ideas, and to help new people. Hunts are a lot of work to coordinate. Simply the Best orchestrated a new hunt called Christmas Magic Hunt and this is their first year. Snowpaws supports this and there are two prizes hidden for this hunt.


60L Weekend - Seraphin Under the Sea Dress.


Floral Bustier Dress Tea Stained.

Steals and Deals - Folleto Peacock Outfit Mist

Today's 100L Dress (12.8.2012) - Sinuate Gown Soil

And don't forget to go by Designer Showcase this month and get some brilliant red mesh pants...

Mesh Leather Leggings in Cherry.

Everything at Snowpaws shimmers with the heart of the creator tucked away in everything she does. You'll love the beauty of her creations and the generosity of her spirit. Visit Snowpaws this holiday season and bring a friend.

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