Friday, December 14, 2012

Snowpaws Avenue Expose, Hunts and Sales News

There is always something so rewarding about art on a personal level. If you set out to create something and the end product makes you happy, you feel a sense of personal success. When someone else enjoys the product, the pleasure increases, and the more people know and support and understand the creator, the process and the goals, the more joy may be claimed. 
As Avenue wrote about Snowpaws in December's edition, the history, the plans and ideas, style and overall sense of achievement was acknowledged by the writer. Louise Roundel of Avenue Magazine wrote the article that accompanies beautiful photos taken by Neva Crystall displayed in a 5 page expose all about the store you already know and love. Please look here: Avenue Magazine's Snowpaws Expose on page 40.


New Release:

This lovely Maselan gown comes in four colors, Ruzo, Estrella, Mode, and Rouge. The top has shear material and appliques carefully added to make the top sexy but not over the edge. The billow of skirts at the waist flows down and flutters with a train behind you as you walk. The design of the skirt allows for more sensual skin to show along the left leg.

This dress also comes in Petites, in the Ruzo, Estrella, and Mode colors.



The Peace on Earth Hunt continues and you will want to find the hidden treasure for this event.

The WOMENSTUFF Hunt continues through this month and it's in the second phase. Many designers including Snowpaws offers a second hidden gift for this month, so even if you've found one of the gifts, return and find the next.

A new hunt also gained Snowpaws support and participation, and there are two gifts hidden for the hunt and it runs through the day after Christmas.



1. Steals and Deals offers Alainn Floret Silk Gown in Dove Grey - 

2. Simply the Best offers the Toile Gentian Dress - 

3. 100L Today Only (12.14.2012) Ideela Playsuite Gold - 

4. Kastle Enchanted Petite Retreat offers - Petite Radieux Lace Wedding Gown

So many reasons to visit Snowpaws this weekend, and every day. You know how friendly and supportive Snowpaws is for newcomers, an if you've been a part of Second Life since forever, you also know the quality and creativity of clothing at Snowpaws that keeps you coming back. Happy Holidays!

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