Thursday, December 6, 2012

Zanze: Payton Jumper + VF's Snowflakes Red Sneakers

In the throes of winter, wherever you go, you need cozy designs, layers of warmth to ward off the chill.

The top and leggings from Zanze merge the familiar animal print with a knit three-quarter length sleeved sweater that cling to the shape of your body, accenting your delicious curves as you curl up in comfortable warmth.

For the frivolity of the moment, instead of going with fancy boots or heels, I pulled out these new Snowflake Red Sneakers from VF to celebrate the holiday in "Caryn" style. Puff of cottony fur surrounds the ankles, and the brilliant red likely could be seen for miles. You'd definitely stand out in a crowd with this attire.

Featured Zanze Payton Jumper Nude 
Featured VF Sneakers Snowflakes Red 
1. Custom Shape 
2. Glam Affair Skin: Jadis 
3. Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver 
4. Emotions: Anita 
5. Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Fantasia 
6. Face Paint: Gold and Silver 
7. Candy Nails: Harvest Beige 
8. Noya: Silver Loop Earrrings 
9. AP Mesh 1 2

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