Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Request for Help from Seth Regan aka Mankind Tracer

My previous post about Seth Regan

You can read my recent post regarding the music Seth Regan brings into Second Life and how his goals reach beyond the virtual world in hopes that he touches as many or more off line as he has online.

Tonight he sent out a request for friends, a call for help and support. I wanted to share it here, so if you have heard him, are a fan, or just want to support someone who brings live music into Second Life, you'll know about it.

Information on Contest

Guitar Center supports this contest. Each contestant has been encouraged to increase his or her social growth via the multiple social networking sites online. An example might be 'liking' Seth Regan on Facebook.

If you can participate in this, and show your support by visiting the various social networking sites online and adding him in whatever way that site expects, you will go a long way towards his potential win. 

The contest runs from now through December 23. If he is in the top 10, the people who've had the greatest increase in social support, he will play in front of judges in Los Angeles, California.
Twitter. @SethReganMusic

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