Saturday, October 27, 2012

UEMA Presents Dot BE Fashion by BonieFacio

This evening the Ultimate Exposure Modeling Agency & Academy (UEMA) hosted an excellent display of BonieFacio's Dot BE Fashion's autumn and winter collection.

Bonie has such a positive reputation in the fashion world, making his way through several incredible modeling schools including the MVW Academy. He's been Mr. VW Belgium. Currently, he's working with several modeling agencies in positions of leadership and/or facilitation of modeling classes to pass on his experiences to the next generation of aspiring models.

It came as no surprise to me that he'd founded his own business, and molded his personal fashion niche in the world of SL Fashion - Dot-B Fashion. It was enjoyable to see the show that featured many of his newest designs suited for the fall and winter seasons.

Ms. Violet Freak (violetcrush.bravin), owner of UEMA and Ms. Nakia Decosta, COO of UEMA both attended this event.

A selection of clothing for both men and women were presented.

Each item had been purposefully designed with a noticeable theme, a cohesive collection by someone who knew what he wanted and created it.

There was literally a little taste of everything for everyone's enjoyment.

If you like chic casual wear, there's something for you in this collection.

If you want something with a bit more structure, maybe appropriate for important business, there's a little of that as well.

Before the show got underway, I peeked behind the scenes and fell in love with this jacket and scarf set, just one of many designs created for men that were present at the show. And as I shared with some of the models while we waited for things to get rolling, I tend to wear what I like and ignore gender boundaries in Second Life.

This unique black dress certainly added a twist to the LBD with bright accessories that would make certain you stood out in any setting as the belle of the ball.

Ponchos are hot, hot, hot! this season on runways from Paris to Tokyo and on this runway tonight as well. Instead of being relegated to outerwear, however, many designers are adding ponchos as separates, to wear without a shirt below it.

Even the most stylish outfit looks comfortable and easy to wear and style. I've come to realize that's a sign of good texturing and use of light and shadow. If something is too 'flat' in Second Life, it looks dull and lifeless. If it's got three dimensions, it comes alive.

One of my favorite pieces of the evening probably seemed a simple accessory, but the right accessory at the right moment makes a bold statement. When this model appeared in the grey suit with a basic black blindfold on, I was attentive immediately.

Another poncho from this collection offers a softer appeal to a more delicate female aesthetic (while the dark green one shown earlier is a warm and assertive tone). 

Patterns, textures, light and shadow, layers and creativity all had their mark on the Dot-Be Fashion show. Mr. Boniefacio may be relatively new to the design business, but his work looked polished and interesting. It made me want to see more, and that's always a good thing.

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