Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My 105 Experience Take Two

My cherished goal, one I've been working towards since I discovered the world of modeling... earn a certificate as a model graduate from the Miss Virtual World modeling organization. They have a stellar reputation. I know that I will succeed at this goal. I also knew going into it that it wouldn't be easy and that it wouldn't happen overnight.

A lot of people have asked me, "What is 105?" It's a three day intense examination led by the Miss Virtual World Academy's staff, and taught by Mr. Frolic Mills, the owner of the organization (and owner of Best of SL as well). There are challenges each of the three days to meet with the final challenge on the third day that includes selection of an outfit that fits criteria assigned the night prior, selection of the proper poses to showcase the outfit, and selection of the right walk for the runway.

For me, and many who I've spoken to who've attended 105, the moment the first assignment is given on Thursday night for Friday's -Day 1-, the work begins. It's something I pour all of my energy into, wanting to do the best I know how to accomplish the goal for Day 1. I spent a good portion of those 24 hours working on it, and maybe a tiny portion for a catnap. Then it repeats, for Day 2, working, heart, energy, urgent hopeful desire that it's 'right'. And little sleep. Then that last day. The big finale. 

Mr. Frolic Mills has built his reputation in the fashion industry of Second Life over the past five years. He just celebrated BOSL's 5th year and his 50th birthday about 10 days ago (and what an amazing thing that was!!). He's one of several highly experienced judges for each of the days' work. He doesn't waste time or money, MY time and MY money that I paid to go to this school, by telling me what I want to hear. He tells me what I need to hear, to learn, to grow, to improve. And in my opinion he's remarkable, and so are all the members of the staff I've met through the school.

When I did not pass my review the first time I did 105 in August, I felt really badly. No one likes to fail. When I did not pass my review on Sunday this week, I felt much worse. No one likes to fail twice. But ... I also learned a great deal from both experiences. I know that when I do pass  the final review, it will mean something to me, something deeply valuable, and something I know I poured everything into in order to achieve it. I will get there. It's my journey on my time table and I'm doing my best. 

I had a sense of shame this time, however, something that was related more to those I work with and work for, and not so personally my own. I felt like I was making those who'd given me the opportunity to work with and for them in the fashion industry - I thought I was making them look bad. It worried me more than the personal failure. I really cherish these people who have given me space, time, work, trust and faith. I spoke to them, apologized... "For what?" one asked me. I explained. I was reassured. And as I said, at any given moment, anywhere I am in Second Life (or off line for that matter) I'm giving my all and doing my best. It's all I can offer.

The challenge for Day 1 was to look like what I think a model should look like. I didn't save a photograph of this. I think my biggest error in Day 1 was dressing for the wrong season. Even though it's a virtual world, it's a professional setting that feels more real then fantasy, and I need to remain grounded in the reality of the setting and the moment.

The challenge for Day 2 was a little more specific and a more difficult one for me. Anna Wintour is the Editor for Vogue magazine and I learned from Mr. Frolic that she's the inspiration for the woman who managed the magazine in the movie "Devil Wears Prada." I was to create a look that suited an interview with Ms. Wintour. I used almost the whole 24 hours between the assignment and the reveal to put this look together, and I think it was the most successful of my three days. In my opinion, I looked right for a business interview with a well known fashion magazine editor in fall in New York City. It's those moments of success when Mr. Frolic or one of the other educators in the program affirm a look that give me a sense that I'm growing in the right direction and there's hope, a light at the end of the tunnel, and  I know - I will achieve this goal.

Day 3 I was challenged to choose a favorite designer, prepare a look, a walk and three poses that would sell the overall outfit to the judges. I chose the designer Christian Seriano from Project Runway Season 4. He knocked my socks off when he was on the show and has gone on to find success since the show. I tried to copy the concept of an androgenous aesthetic in my styling, my walk and poses. I think I took it too far, too masculine, instead of finding something neutral. I think I came close to matching the clothing idea, but not the hair or make-up at all and by the time I posed before the judges, they were already confused as to who I was attempting to portray, not sure about this masculine walk I'd chosen, and probably even more confused by the poses that then followed. So, I didn't pass 105 again.

The look on the left is the Day 2 Challenge. The look on the right is the Day 3 challenge with the smaller photo taken from the web to show the look Christian Seriano sent down the runway. Where do I go from here? Back to 105... until I succeed. And I will. 

Look 1:
Custom Shape
Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
Face Paint: Leonore Ochre
Emotions: Karen - Dark Brown
Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Mysteria
Candy Nails: Harvest
Bliss Basic: Shannon Knit Top - Brick
Zanze House Couture: Zaid Outfit Pants and Belt - with a special thanks to Ms. Zoiee Zee who graciously gave me the belt in it's original blank state so I could change the color from silver to bronze.
N-Core: Caprice - Champagne
Artistry by ~E~ - The Necklace from the Dagmar Set with Gold and Black Diamonds and the Earrings from the Caroline Set with Gold and Black Diamonds
Uzuri (a very old jeweler from yesteryear) Bibi Cuff
Chop Zuey New York Girl Hudson Lovers Bangles

Look 2:
Custom Shape
Glam Affair Skin: Jadis
Poetic Eyes: Quicksilver
Face Paint: Deadly - Black + Gem Eyes Grey
Emotions: Anushka - Dark Brown
Gaeline Mesh Lashes: Starlia
Noya: Nails - Scull
Gizza: BonBon Blouse - Black
Gizza: Leather Leggings  - Black
Chop Zuey - Itsy Bitsy Spider Earrings
{PopTart} Mesh Combat Boots - Pink/Black

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