Friday, October 12, 2012

Boho Fair: [essencial], [MC], [SS], artMEfashions

I did something a little differently with the photos I took last night and today. One of the contributors to the Boho Culture Fair, Focus Pocus, provided 7 new poses. They are shown in consecutive order, 1 through 7, while I model outfits that have been created by a myriad of designers. The first four poses and outfits are on this page, and the other three will be on the page following this one.

The outfit to the left, a long dark navy gown, comes from [essencial] and presents a very elegant form fitting bodice with material that hangs down to the point where you can't see my shoes below it, but the material is gathered in some places adding light and shadow to give the material an excellent sheen.

The corset seen in the outfit next to the gown comes from [MC] aka Mystic Canvas. Corsets have become the rage in the boudoir and out, and any where you go, they're hip to wear. You cannot go wrong with a corset and the color offered by [MC] gives you a lot of options for styling.

The third outfit from [SS] aka Something Sexy, continuing to the right in the photo, shows a uniquely cut top with a stripe of skin showing from neck to upper thighs and a pair of shorts that would suit Daisy Duke tucked under the top. With a unique HUD included, you have several options on how to wear the top.

And the outfit to the far right comes from artMEfashions, a perfect fall layered look that includes the mesh pants and poncho and a long shirt below the poncho. The texture on this look offers a sense of warmth as do the colors chosen. 

In addition to the outfits mentioned, each outfit has been paired with Face Paint, Emotions (hair), Artitry by ~E~ (jewelry), (1) No shoes, (2) Lola's Boots, (3) Hot Stuff Black Sneakers and (4) **Urban Cherry** Suede Ankle Boots

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