Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Boho Culture Fair: Earth & Skies, Dada Beiz, DDWx, Mimi's Boutique

So many fun treats await you as the Boho Culture Fair prepares to open it's doors in less than a week!

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, and Candy Nails

Earth & Skies put together this unique mesh top and skirt. It's unique because the top has been made sheer and I haven't seen many attempts with mesh doing this yet. Under the mesh top, you can faintly tell there's a blue bit of negligee. Shoes peeking out from under the skirt are part of a collection of four different colors (blue as the base color seen in the photo) that are mosaic creations that could only fit into the bohemian style. I just recently discovered Dada Biez and these shoes are definitely great examples of their craftsmanship and fit well in with the theme of the fair.

Emotions Hair, Artistry by ~E~, Mimi's Boutique Dress

DDWx also called Demented Dreamworx shares this little backpack bear in three colors. If you need a little friend to go with you in the wild wide world of Second Life, this little guy could surely make a good traveling companion.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, Artistry by ~E~, .::VDI::. Heels, Candy Nails

My last item for tonight comes from Mimi's Boutique. There are four different floral patterns with four different base colors. I chose rose (of course! I'm a rose fanatic) and looked at the other color options as well. Each are brilliantly colored, and do a great job of offering a throwback to another era while keeping everything modern and chic.

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