Monday, October 1, 2012

From the Boho Fair: Stars Fashion Glasses and NCParis

Today's items from the Boho Fair... a psychedelic look from the 70s and a great pair of glasses... do they make you look studious or sexy or both??

You never know when you're going to use items you find in hunts or free gifts discovered along your SL journey and that came true today when I was looking for the right shoes to go with this awesome set from NCParis. The dress, along with a headband, a necklace (all we are saying is give peace a chance), the glasses and even the little twig stuck in my teeth come together to make this a completely wild and perfect Bohemian look. Then I found these rainbow boots. I don't know when I found them but I thought to myself, "One day, I'll find the perfect outfit to wear with these boots."

Stars Fashion contributed these glasses  to the Boho Fair (in addition to a dress I've already blogged earlier this week) and they're one of those accessories that I know I'll use over and over again, as they frame the face so beautifully without covering the eyes. 

The jewelry I'm wearing comes from Artistry by ~E~ and since it's the first time I've worn the set in any of my blogs, I thought I'd pause and share my thoughts on the Sandra Set in Blush. I love the delicate feminine touch that is a prime element I've found in most of the designs from Endra Graves. This beautiful pale pink pearl with silver offered just the touch I needed.

Many thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Cupcake Rainbow Leather Boots
Stars Fashion Top
Sexy Mama's Nails
Artistry by ~E~

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