Saturday, October 13, 2012

Boho Fair: [NV], Alice Blue, EnvyMe, Factorie, and Sweet Pea

I've tried to show at least one item from every contributor at this great event. In just two days, you'll be able to shop for some of the most creative items in all of SL and all created with the same theme of the Boho Culture.

[NV] created this uneven top with long sleeves for autumn warmth, yet so much skin exposed. Grab a blanket to curl up with your special someone and enjoy the effect this sexy top will have on that person. Jewelry from Alice Blue paired with this top, a beaded set that certainly keeps to the theme. Chunky beads and large baubles are all the rage so this new jewelry adds a great vibe to any outfit.

Not many designers have submitted lingerie, but the ones who have created some beautiful pieces. Factorie offered several items, two of which were similar sets like the one shown above and I preferred the pale blue. I think it's designed in such a way that you could feasibly use this set as swimwear too. Get a lot of use out of your Boho Fair purchases.

Envyme offered a selection of items as well. I loved the way this tie-dye looked so artistic, and something very cool and different from many other things I've seen in Second Life. This romper would be so comfortable. Do I get to order one off line... pretty please?

Useful layers made this outfit from Sweet Pea awesome for autumn. Mesh and system clothing are blended together to give the look the most rational layers. In addition to the jacket, top and harem pants, you will also get these half-ankle boots. You know how much I love boooooots.

Photo 1:
Featured [NV} Half Sweater Black Ombre 
Featured Alice Blue Inspire Jewelry Set 
1. Brat[inc] Skin T2 Pure Boho 
2. Emotions - Amnesia - Black 
3. Face Paint - Carley 4 
4. Candy Nail - Resort Sunset 
5. Custom Shape 
6. Poetic Eyes - Quicksilver 
7. Bliss Basic - Floral Bell Bottom 
8. Urban Cherry - Suede Ankle Boots Dark Olive and Brown 
9. Avante Pose Lybra 2

Photo 2:
Featured Factorie Calypso Lingerie 
1. English Muffin - Boho 1 Skin - Exclusive Tone 
2. Poetic Eyes - Quicksilver 
3. Custom Shape 
4. Emotions - Vivien - Black 
5. HollyWeird - Gypsy Jeweled Feet and Flipflops 
6. Red Dahlia's Beach Bag 
7. Face Paint - Full Face Makeup Stormy 
8. Artistry by ~E~ - The Vanessa Set White 
9. Avante Poses Extreme Modeling 6 Mirror

Photo 3:
Featured EnvyMe Hippie Romper Color Mesh 
1. Emotions - Cora - Black 
2. Custom Shape 
3. Poetic Eyes - Quicksilver 
4. DiamondzB - Pamela - Light 
5. Face Paint Nef 4 
6. ::PM:: Animal Print Nails Purple 
7. Kennedy's Dark Tennis Heels 
8. Artistry by ~E~ The Sonja Set Gold/Diamond 9. Avante Poses - Frederica Belle

Photo 4:
Featured The Sweet Pea - Kari (Green) 
1. WoW Skins - Isabella - Dark Tan Natural 
2. Emotions - Sylvie Dark Brown 
3. Poetic Eyes - Quicksilver 
4. Custom Shape 
5. Sexy Mama's Valentine Manicure 
6. Face Paint Rose 8 
7. Avante Poses Extreme Modeling 6

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