Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Stars Fashion: A dress with a flair for the Orient

Stars Fashion put together a set that takes me to the Orient in theme. It may not have been their purpose, but with the lines on the dress and the beautiful floral pattern, that's the essence I got when I wore this.

The pink dress has a belt that nips the waist in to a slim figure. The black hem  matches the sleeves and the dropped neckline as well as a thick line that runs just under the bust. A stunning pair of stockings comes with this set and the lacy bra that can be seen under the top also comes with this look. And on top of all those items, you'll get this simple but effective pair of leather boots. And all of this is for 99L as a special deal.

My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Jewelry - Artistry by ~E~
Sexy Mama Nails

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