Saturday, October 6, 2012

My First Time Hearing Seth Regan aka Mankind Tracer

I had one of the most peaceful evenings I've had in world in a while. I LOVE music of all sorts, a very eclectic taste I've developed over the years, and I found Seth Regan's set (approximately one hour) wonderfully diverse.

Seth Regan has been in Second Life almost 6 years. He's less than two months away from his sixth rezday. He's traversed the grid as Mankind Tracer, entertaining audiences in all sorts of venues.

I saw him for the first time last night. I listened and was in awe of his talent. No wonder he's won the awards he's won. I had a great chat with his Manager Brandy (kalli.birman) about him and his singing career. One thing she stressed as important to them - His stage name on Second Life has been Mankind Tracer and his fan base does know him by this name very well - however - his real name is Seth Regan and as an artist who's dream it is to create music that sells all over the world, he's trying to meld his virtual reality with his real world efforts and wants people to remember that he's Seth Regan.

Seth Regan on

You can purchase his music in world for Lindens or you can go to and purchase his music there. For people who do not do a lot of in world transactions, this opportunity to buy his music at Amazon is terrific!

If you're interested in booking Seth Regan for your next event, please contact his Manager Brandy (kalli.birman) in world for more information.

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