Thursday, October 11, 2012

Boho Fair: Skins- AbFab, ~CandyMetal~, Dulce Secrets, em,

Everyone likes to spruce up their avi from time to time and at the Boho Culture Fair, a number of designers have offered at least one skin.

AbFab offers a specialty skin with a rainbow make-up as part of it's Boho Culture Fair participation. It's a 1L special and certain to brighten your overall look.

~CandyMetal~, already featured on my blog earlier this week for boots and clothing, offers this array of skins. The color ranges from a dark to a pale. The texture of the skin works well on the natural layer of each face, making it easy to apply layers of make-up later to glam up your look.

Dulce Secrets have been around a very long time. Not quite as long as I've been in SL but almost... and they've had a famous selection of skins circulate that were free or nearly free to help sponsor new members to Second Life. They also make a myriad of new skins each season and two that will appear at the Boho Fair are seen- Brynn Riesling Desert Wind and Nyree Pernod. As long as I've known this company, they've always named the skins after alcoholic beverages. No idea why but it's a cool way to do it.

As far as tastes go, everyone has their own particular essence, base color and so forth that they like. Some prefer a more youthful skin while others like a more adult look. The skin shown above from English Muffin aka em - this is my favorite I've seen so far from all the skins shown for the fair. There are 5 tones and the one shown here is tone #1.

More skins to come...

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