Wednesday, October 17, 2012

PondLife: A Weekly Report from Halloween Central

So, the good news is - I didn't have to get cooked or boiled or lose my head to do this week's review of items you can find at Halloween Central.

In the Lord of the Rings series, I learned that there were a special race of beings called Ents who closely resembled trees. Folklore all over the world and through the centuries have given 'voice' to the trees, and their ancient wisdom. When I saw this tree stump, I thought of those legends, and wondered if this is what one would look like after it had been cut for timber. I wouldn't want to get in his path!

Besides the tree with brilliant fiery eyes, there are other creatures you can purchase from PondLife to decorate your home or business. In the photo above, two of them are depicted. I was trying to blend in with the scenery, but I think I did not pass muster as I was far too thin to be one of these creepy Halloween guests.

The caption of this photo should be, "Model Zombie: Will do print or runway." The caveat would have to be, "Be careful she doesn't bite while you work with her."

Who were these people, and do we really want to know? They seem to all be grinning. Maybe they died with a secret we all wish we knew. Perhaps owning this sculpture of skulls will lend you their secret knowledge. 

Whatever you do when you visit PondLife (IntimateLife), make time for a trip up to see all things Halloween.

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