Thursday, October 11, 2012

Boho Fair: More Skins- Shiva, Modish, and WoW + Belissima Shape

More skins and an unusual shape as promised...

Shiva's skins had a delicate pale face that made the overall look seem a bit more youthful to me. There are two skin tones available at the fair but to me, the big difference between the two is difficult to see unless perhaps it is in the features on the face.

Modish offered two different skin names, Bonnie and Kukla and for each of them, there were two sample skin tones. Bonnie, seen on the right, had a fair and a tan tone. Kukla, seen on the left, had a pale and a choco tone. All four have make-up designed to make the face look regal and sophisticated.

WoW offered the Isabella skin with three skin tones - Deep, Mid and Milk. The faces are each a pale pink base color and look younger as a result. The lines on the skin are done well and the option for cleavage or no cleavage does not dramatically distort the skin.

I think the most difficult thing for me to model has to be shapes. I've been in Second Life since 04 and in all those years, I've been making and remaking my shape, customizing it a little at a time, tweaking it with advice from friends, and on and on till I get to this point in my Second Life. I put on the Belissima shape, which actually comes in four sizes (but the shape is basically the same regardless of height), and I did not recognize myself, however I thought the shape would be cute and fun for someone who was looking for something new or someone who was just beginning the process of defining their overall 'look' in Second Life.

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