Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snowpaws Design for Normal and Petite Avi

Snowpaws does a tremendous job translating full size avi clothing for those of you who love the petite. This certainly shines in the most recent releases from Snowpaws in the Alainn Floret Silk Gown.

This little version of me enjoys the floral decor at the chest and the ruffles of silk that move all the way down past the ankles in a swirl. The beauty of this gown is magnified, not shrunk, when it's fit to a petite. And how fun is life when you're 1 m tall and dressed to kill?

The full sized version of this dress also drapes with layers of fluttering silk all the way down to the ankle and has the floret at the chest. The whole flow of the dress makes it seem like a flower floating on the wind. Whether you like the full size or the petite, you'll love the Alainn Floret Silk Dress.

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