Monday, October 1, 2012

Creations by Lovely Zweirs at Midweek Madness

This is the first week I've worked with anything created by Lovely Zweirs and it's for the Midweek Madness sale.

I thought this gazebo would be perfect in my real world back yard right here in the middle of teeny tiny town South Carolina. It's got the open option, but then it's scripted so you can close the three back panels and cut down on the blowing leaves, and you can also close the front, leaving the small room a cozy space safe from any fall showers or blustery day. I used a great park bench from PondLife and one of Pond Life's props (feed the birds) to add a little extra to this gazebo.

More information about Midweek Madness or Creations by Lovely Zweirs:

Midweek Madness Kiosk

Creations by Lovely Zweirs

My thanks to:
Face Paint
Emotions Hair
Liv-Glam Pants Suit
N-Core Heels
Sexy Mama Nails

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