Thursday, October 4, 2012

Liv-Glam: Fi*Friday Sales New Releases and a New Gift

A wide array of colors always paints your avi when you shop at Liv-Glam, and you look sharp, feel glamorous and stand out in any crowd. Not only do you receive awesome new releases regularly, every single week, a new Group Members gift comes out as well. After a one time joining cost of 250L, which covers the first gift you get, you then continue to get gifts week after week after week...

The dress on the left is this week's group gift. It comes with a sweet rose print top with a neckline unlike anything else I've seen so far in Second Life. The top is paired with an elegant pencil skirt. The second outfit also has a stylish black pencil skirt that only exaggerates the beauty of the top showcasing multiple bright autumn colors. You'll find the middle outfit and the one on the right on sale this week for Fi*Friday. The price is right, the looks are tres chique, and you'll look fierce and ready to take the world by storm. I love the animal print on the skirt to the right and how the top drapes loosely and angled in such a way that you see the animal print on the tank top below the top layer. All of these looks are there for you. Grab a friend and dash over to Liv-Glam. Join the group. It's certainly worth it!

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