Friday, October 12, 2012

Snowpaws News, Hunts and Sales Information

This week has been exciting at Snowpaws. I think as the year progresses from fall to winter, the world in Second Life comes alive again and it's always a thrill to see it.

A new release for both full size and petite avis came out this week.

Whether you get the Alainn Floret Silk Gown in the normal or petite size, you will enjoy this treat of silk perfection that flows around the body like a flower, with skirts that flutter perfectly.

The Peace on Earth Hunt is coming up! Stay tuned for details! Also the WOMENstuff Hunt begins November 2nd! Details coming soon!

Autumn Fair & Acorn Hunt 2012 at Old Europe Village is on! Hurry over and start exploring! And Big Things, Small Packages Petites Hunt is still in progress.

Sales and Group Discount:

1. Group Discount - Toile Lavender Dress

2. Steals and Deals - Sade Mesh Babydoll Dress

3. Simply the Best - Araigne Lace Gown in Ruby

4. Kastle Enchanted Petites - Petite Seraphin Ebony Dress

5. 100L Dress (10.12.2012) Red Lace Vanessa Gown -

The surgeon general should tell us often that shopping is good for the health. We hear enough things tha are bad for us! I should write someone and petition for this fact to be established. Meanwhile, you'll have to trust me. Shopping IS good for your health, and shopping at Snowpaws is GREAT for your health. You've been advised. ~smiles~

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