Friday, October 5, 2012

From the Boho Fair: Yokana, TCBF and Hollyweird

For tonight's review, I had the chance to try new skin, a new pair of outfits and a pair of flip-flops.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, Liv-Glam Top, Leezu Shorts, Sexy Mama Nails

The flip-flops from Hollyweird - Gypsy Jeweled Feet - were perfect for fun. I wish I had the coordination to balance on a ball like this. Second Life is magical, and I'm a magician, athlete, dancer and anything else I want to be... 

Face Paint, Emotions Hair and Sexy Mama Nails

The skin from WoW Skins - Delila Skin - has a brown/orange tint to it. Everyone has their preference for pinker tones or oranger tones or other. I found this one relatively natural looking and the details hidden under the censored signs are well done as well...

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, Leezu Bracelet, Darlinged

Orangina is the first offer from Yokana that I got to try, and it's bold and perfect for the theme of the fair. It's pattern really reflected the historical but blended so well with the current 2012 motifs and color schemes that are so popular this fall season.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, Bootgasm Boots, Sexy Mama Nails, Ear Candy Jewelry

And the other look from Yokana was completely different. I was thinking of MC Hammer, and his lip syncing oops?! but the outfit is great, and so hip.

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