Sunday, October 7, 2012

Boho Fair: [QE]Designs, ArisAris, Avian, Mimi Noire, MiWardrobe and Tenjin

Several new outfits, some great jewelry and a beautiful tattoo come to you from the Boho Fair preview tonight.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, .:DZ:. Glasses, Sexy Mama Nails, Syrenz Bangles, and Crystalline Earrings

The patchwork on the skirt for this set from [QE]Designs really took me back to a childhood where my far away grandmother sent me home sewn clothing. It was the 70s and the style was far more chic than I gave her credit for at the time. This skirt, paired with an awesome gold tank, is perfect for this Boho Culture Fair, and a good memory as well.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, N-Core Shoes (left), ALB Boots (right), Artistry by ~E~, Sexy Mama Nails

ArisAris submitted two entirely different looks, yet both suited the theme of the fair well. I remember the Southwest motif from the pants suit well and thought the colors used really worked well with what was once popular and currently popular simultaneously. The second look comes with layers as well, layers that can be worn together as seen here, or as separates. Alpha layers are included to accurately cover what's necessary, depending on which layers you like. It's a great way to make an outfit more versatile and an even better investment.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair

Feathers fluttered everywhere in the 70s and as Avian's jewelry depicts, they make a great accessory. I modified the feathers so they would be the length of my neck and hang almost vertically. The original setting was an angle and a much larger earring. Colors make this jewelry suitable for a lot of different outfits you already have in your inventory.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, DigiStylez Bikini

A very different style of earrings comes to the Boho Fair from MiWardrobe. You can get them in gold or silver. Oversized jewelry is the rage at the moment, and these earrings with multiple circles fit the bill.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, [Devicious] Swimwear

Mimi Noire chose the lotus flower to create a necklace in three different metals. You see gold, gun metal grey and silver. The lotus flower has been a significant symbol for literally thousands of years and when it was used in the 1970s, it represented a people who had gone through a hard time and were not coming out of it.

Emotions Hair, DigiStylez Bikini

Brightly colored birds make this tattoo from Tenjin hard to miss. As birds have symbolized freedom for centuries, as the issues of civil liberties and a break from the establishment marked the turbulent 70s, this tattoo radiates the energy associated to freedom and every generation's urgent desire to reach for it.

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