Thursday, October 4, 2012

Boho Fair: AngelRed, Fatal, FLRN, Drift and Retro`

There are truly some great outfits tonight in my ongoing coverage of the Boho Fair that begins October 15. I hope all that you've seen so far inspires you to go and shop and enjoy all the work these terrific artists have put into this event.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, Finesmith Jewelry, Sexy Mama Nails, ~Candy Metal~ Boots

From Fatal there are two great looks that both borrow from the same color palette though the one seen above uses brighter shades of orange and brown and the one seen below draws the eye with much softer tones.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, Finesmith Jewelry, Candy Nails, ~Candy Metal~ Boots

Both dresses worked well with the new boots from ~Candy Metal~ in blue. For the second look from Fatal, there was an optional tee to wear below the jacket layer, but I found wearing it this way more enticing.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, *New N-Core Heels, Artistry by ~E~, Sexy Mama Nails

AngelRed offered an alluring look by pairing soft grey tones with a zebra-like animal print. The skirt drapes down both legs to knee length but is gathered in the center and raised to create a favorite asymmetric line used in many couture houses this fall.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, Chop Zuey Jewelry, Sexy Mama Nails

The weather has cooled many places in the Northern hemisphere but there are some places that remain warm year round like Southern California, Miami and Greece. When you pack for an escape, you'd want to pack this tie-dyed set from Drift, a simple bandeau top with a maxi skirt.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, N-Core Heels, ::PM:: Earrings, Sexy Mama Nails

Another colorful dress comes from the creative minds at FLRN. Patchwork marks some of the 70s style, and though these stripes on this dress aren't really patchwork, the overall look still makes me think of that, with a modern twist.

Face Paint, Emotions Hair, BlackLace Top, Lil`Lace Pants, Chop Zuey Jewelry, 

And the last items I have to share come from Retro`.  It's definitely cool here in the evenings and the cardigan with the cute little print suits wonderfully well for this weather. The stilettos are also from Retro` and though they're a different shade of pink than the tiny pink prints in Retro`'s sweater, the whole look pulls together for a snuggly yet elegant look for an afternoon walk or an evening rocking on the porch counting your blessings.

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